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VMGroup for Virtuemart

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  • Version: 1.0.0
  • Compatibility: Compatibility
  • Type: Type
  • Price: 12,20 € (Commercial)

Plugin for managing shopper groups in Virtuemart 2 during the registration phase. You can choose your own shopper group while you fill the registration data entry of a website. The administrator can define which groups should be shown through a simple parameter of the plugin.

Shopper Group Registration

Virtuemart has NO standard support of registering different users in different shopper groupsVMGroup for Virtuemart plugin gives the opportunity to register users direclty in a pre-selected shopper group upon registration. The web site Administrator can easly choose the shopper groups to show in the front-end registration phase. Thanks also to a simple override to load into your template, you can manage your shopper group also directly in the view of the Customer Account Maintenance in Virtuemart.